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Kidz with a Kause is very proud of our campaigns and events, each one brainstormed and put into action by our talented and eager crew. We look to do good things for good people. From seniors and youth groups, foundations and organizations, teams and classes; we want to leave a lasting impression that will make a difference in others’ lives including our own.

Yearly we hand select serval key initiatives that we want to support and share. We’re a third party informant to create awareness and proceeds as we share the amazing achievements each of our affiliates make. It’s hard for organizations to toot their own horns without looking self-serving. It’s been an honor to share our partners awesomeness while contributing at the same time!

Something else we LOVE to do? Create one of a kind events and campaigns that spread awareness and proceeds while making a difference in others’ lives. Here are just a few of the great campaigns we've brought together.

Suckers 4 Seniors

Valentine’s Day can be a very lonely time for seniors. Many no longer have the love of their lives and with the holiday not being the “biggest” of celebrations, many don’t find the acknowledgement from their families. Suckers 4 Seniors is KWAK’s way of fighting the blues on this holiday of LOVE! At the beginning of February we release a full Suckers 4 Seniors package for interested participants to register in hosting their own S4S event within their own communities. Allowing each of us to share an incredible gesture of kindness and concern that will show our elders how much they matter to each of us. Each package includes print templates to create the suckers, the valentines, the games, a sample itinerary and suggested timeline to host your own S4S.

Ronald McDonald House & McHappy Day

Ronald McDonald House has been a very special foundation to the Spoljaric crew since they did their first campaign with them in the early ‘90’s as part of the Toronto Blue Jays. You can find the Spolly’s at their local McDonalds supporting McHappy Day every year as their way of helping raise added proceeds and awareness for an organization that does so much for families across the country. The Spoljaric’s are honored to include RMH and McHappy as part of their yearly campaigns list and look forward to including you and your local RMH to make an even bigger difference in the future!

Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation & Camp Day

If you live in Canada, you know that Tim Hortons is part of your community….even if you don’t drink coffee and eat donuts! Tim Hortons Children’s foundation was established as this incredibly successful & generous organizations way of giving back and doing more. We’re thrilled to have shared in Camp Day as we raise awareness & proceeds that will send kids across Canada & the US to camps that will change their lives forever. It’s been a special thrill to be part of such an incredible organization. We look forward to sharing more ways you can get involved!

Jays Care Foundation

Jays Care Foundation has become a vital part of many communities across the country. It’s like we’re proud parents as we watch each accomplishment and achievement they make. Having been groomed as part of the Jays as we made our way to the big leagues, they are like family to us. Becoming a Lady Jay was one of my most rewarding moments, we were a team of strong woman who knew what it meant to give back and leave an impression. The incredible impact we made through our events & campaigns are some of my most cherished moments. The fact that we were able to experience this same level of contribution through the other teams we played with shows what an impact the game of baseball leaves. .


Who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? We know we do! Much like Suckers 4 Seniors, KWAK’s EGGstravaganza is a fun Easter celebration perfect for youth groups, clubs, organizations, churches, seniors programs and more! We release this exclusive package to share with interested participants to host their own EGGstravaganza within their own community or group. An event that’s sure to add cheer and excitement as we welcome Spring and leave behind winter whiteouts! Each package includes print templates to create the hunt, clue suggestions, location ideas, masks, ears, Easter notes, the games, a sample itinerary as well as a suggested timeline to host your own EGGstravaganza.

Minecraft Club

Lego for the computer – but more fun! With the incredible interest that Mindcraft carries, KWAK created a "Minecraft Club" where local "crafters" join us to play in a group, independently, in creative or survival, whatever the game, we play it!

Interested in hosting your own Minecraft Club? Let us know! We can help!


No we haven’t lost our minds but we love using them to bring incredible rainbow loom creations to life! One of a kind pieces brought together by talented participants that share a love to loom! Look for events coming up with KWAK!

Interested in hosting your own Loomacy group? Let us know! We can help!

KWAK’s Tornado Relief Day Camp

On June 17, 2014 a tornado swept through our community. We were very lucky that no lives were lost but lives were turned upside down. Many families were displaced and with summer vacation around the corner, most hadn’t the extra money to provide their kids with any kind of summer escape and fun with unexpected costs and deductibles. Kidz with a Kause jumped into action and provided kids a chance to be a kid again and leave the recent encounter behind. We shared a safe haven they enjoyed coming to each day as we found a new adventure to encounter and take our mind away. It was an incredible experience for our team to help these kids overcome such a tragic experience. Life changing moments we spent together.

Current Events

Santa's Wish

Santa's Wish. A little red pouch filled with goodwill and prizes! Santa’s Wish participants feel the reward of doing good deeds while the recipients share a moving gesture that becomes an even greater gift. It could be shovelling a senior’s driveway, making a special gift for a lonely neighbor, or buying a hot coffee for a homeless person. Whatever you decide it will make a difference!

Check it out!

Upcoming Events

Happy New Year!

We have all sorts in store for 2016. Check back soon.

Join KWAK!

Are you a smokeless tobacco user or know someone who is? Join KWAK as we tackle tobacco with our exclusive campaign called Kick the Can. Together we look to raise awareness and educate about the hazards of chewing tobacco with ways to kick the can! Email us at to find out ways you can get involved.



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